It’s safe to say that double glazing has had its fair share of bad press over the years. The stigma of ‘white plastic’ has put many people off converting from single to double glazed panes resulting in cold, draughty houses and higher fuel bills.

However, times have changed and growing concerns for rising energy costs and environment issues means that double glazing is a practical and necessary solution for reducing the carbon footprint.

Building Regulations state that all homes need to be energy efficient and comply with thermal performance and safety standards. This is particularly important when it comes to buying and selling a property.

Fortunately, double glazing manufacturers have been working hard to produce state of the art, modern double glazing options that are aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and provide maximum security. Double glazing has been revolutionised and is now a popular choice for properties of any age.

Here’s a look at the 3 most popular double glazing trends today.

Replica Timber Windows

Stunningly beautiful windows that replicate 19th Century flush sash windows. Crafted with top quality materials, every detail is covered to ensure a perfect match for your property. Replica timber windows look so authentic, they can be used in conservation areas and on listed buildings. They are highly durable, the frames won’t rot or chip and there’s no need to re-paint them.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a popular choice for larger properties or barn conversions. They also look fabulous in conservatories or orangeries. Floor to ceiling glass doors flood the room with natural light while top standard materials guarantee excellent energy efficiency. Create a bespoke look from  a wide range of colour and design options. Bi-fold doors give you the best of both worlds. They can be folded back during the summer to create a natural flow from indoors to your outdoor areas. In the Winter, you’ll have a warmer house without losing precious light or the outside views.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are built to last. They are weather and draught proof and their modern security features will keep the most determined intruder out.

Choose from a vast range of colours and designs to suit your property whether it be modern or period. Composite doors are also available in stable door designs and French double door designs for a European look.

Brighton Trade Windows Sussex stock the latest ranges of top quality, state-of-the-art double glazing products. Whatever your Sussex double glazing requirements, we’ll have the solution for you.

During these uncertain times we are all asking many questions about the future.

Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health, in a recent report, said he hoped the roll-out of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine could mean that life could be back to ‘normal’ by Easter.

Home improvements brighton 2021“After Easter, we think we will be getting back to normal,” he said.
Therefore, it seems that it would be a prudent move to go ahead and make the usual plans for your home improvements during the Summer and get your thoughts geared towards normality.

Plan for normality

Living through a global pandemic has been a stressful and frightening time for many of us. Many lives have and are still being lost to this virus and it is still proving to be the cause of major pain and suffering for families throughout the world.
It seems though that the best cause of action is to carry on and try to live our lives as normal as possible, whilst obeying the UK government advice which is to stay home, save lives and protect the NHS.

It’s true that many of us have stayed at home for a very long time over this past year. In fact, our homes have become our islands, the place where life happens (family, work, friends etc.) so now is the time when you are probably noticing all the flaws in your home and feel the need to address them. The cracks in your old front door, the condensation and draughty windows amongst other things.

Make 2021 the year for home improvements.

At Brighton Trade Windows, we aim to help you add to your home’s value and maximise its potential. So, whatever plans you might have for any new year’s home improvements, give us a call and let us give you the right advice to achieve it.

So why not take this time to look at our products or make an online enquiry today to discuss any of our products or services and how we can help you.

For those of us living in older buildings, such as the Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian properties, we are all used to the drafts but as the cold weather continues the battle with those cold streams running through our homes, can become tiresome and tedious, and especially so when those utility bills are strangling our pockets.

Draught Exclusion

It seems that those elusive air streams have no source to them, they have a life of their own. You might have tried to do something about it, and maybe have installed double glazing already, however, the older designs can be somewhat inefficient with worn out ceilings and rotten frames and its worth remembering that even a tiny gap can produce a significant waste of heat and will inevitably get worse and worse. Try testing for draughts by running your hands along the edges of the frameworks.

What is a Draught

A draught is a manifestation of something called pressure and suction. For example, when cold wind and air meets the walls of a building it creates a difference in pressure between the inside and the outside. This difference in pressure creates an intense suction effect that that draws at the warm air through any cracks or holes, however small, pulling it outwards. In response to this action the cold air manoeuvres itself in the place of the escaping warm air, creating those very cold draughts that we can feel inside our homes. Yes, it’s true to say that winter actually steels the warm air from our homes.

Stop Check

How do we keep on top of this energy thief? To start with we need to check the door frames of any doors that lead to the outside, especially the patio, porch or back doors. It’s important to check the window frames themselves as well as the very bottom of the doors in particular as doors can warp and become slightly out of alignment over time, creating a bit of a gap where heat will immediately escape. If you have a fire, check that your flue is closed as these are classic hot-spots for draughts as warm air gets sucked up through the chimney.


Even through the smallest gap, heat escapes so make sure you check your power outlets, lighting fixtures and other such areas as remember its even the smallest crack or hole that can make a great difference. All in all draughts cost us money you might as well imagine the draught phenomenon as waves of cash being sucked out of your home. therefore investing in a new unit of double glazed windows and/or doors, can save you a fortune. Ask the professionals for advice about draught proofing your homes today.



For more information on double glazing for your home contact Brighton Trade Windows.

The weather is changing and as the cold weather increases every day, we make allowances by keeping doors and windows closed, laying that extra blanket on our beds or even that warm rug by the fireplace. It’s also around this time that drafts become apparent in our homes, especially in the older Victorian or Georgian builds where it can feel like streams of cold air have a life of their own and you’re never quite sure where the source is.

Excluding Drafts

It’s important to check all insulation, especially doors and windows. You may already have double glazing but sometimes, if its been badly installed or a very old design, they can start to become inefficient, eg the sealings get worn or the framework becomes rotten or contracts. Its a good idea to check the edges and framework for drafts, remembering that even a small leak of air can cause a significant heat wastage and will get even worse eventually.

Chasing Draughts

My own home has been double glazed or at least what I thought was the most significant windows in the house, eg. Living room, kitchen and bathroom. The hallway and utility room, both with much smaller windows, however, have been overlooked, yet recently I’ve found myself regretting this as I can feel steady, cold streams of air travelling through my hallway snaking around my ankles as though it has a life of its own to meet the gap under the door of the utility room window. It’s a very distracting and irritating phenomenon and like living with a ghost.

How Draughts Happen

There are two different ways in which a draught can occur, both phenomena are called pressure and suction. For instance, when the cold winter winds begin to blow against our homes, it creates a pressure difference between the outdoor and indoor air. This pressure difference produces a suction effect that pulls at warm air. Therefore if there are small gaps in your walls, window or door frames, the warm air gets pulled through them and out of our houses. What happens next is the cold air squeezes itself in the place of the warm air and creates that cold draught we can feel when trying to relax in front of the telly. Yup! Winter actually does steel warm air from our homes.

Check and Protect

To keep on top of this energy thief, we need to check the door frames of any doors that lead to outside, especially back doors or porch/patio doors. Check the bottom of the door as well as the frame itself as like window frames, doors can come slightly unseated over time, creating the little gap heat needs to escape. If you have a fireplace, this can also let warm air out, even if its not in use. If it feels colder around your fireplace, it may be because warm air is getting sucked up and out through the chimney. Closing your flue whenever a fire isn’t burning will help.

Energy Efficiency

Remember: heat can escape through even the smallest of gaps. Check lighting fixtures and power outlets to make sure they’re as flush with the wall as they can be. If your power outlet is loose at all, it could be letting heat leak out through it.
So this Autumn it’s probably a good idea to check all our windows and doors and get on top of the draft ghosts in our houses, as despite making us very uncomfortable, it greatly compromises energy efficiency because when cold air finds its way into our homes our heating has to work much harder by having to pump in extra hot hair. Therefore sorting our draft sources out, will save us a giant fortune in the long run.

For more information on all our double glazing options, contact Brighton Trade Windows today.

Do Your Windows Need Repairing?

Window repairs BrightonLike any home improvement, your windows won’t stay shiny and new forever. At some point in their life span, they may need repairing or replacing. Of course, replacing or repairing your windows can be a big job, so you don’t want to do it unless you have to.

Here’s how to know if you need window repairs and what to do about it.

Broken Or Cracked Window Panes

This is the most obvious sign that your windows will need repairing. If there are scratches, dents or chips in the glass, this could be for a number of reasons. It could have been done while the windows were being washed, or it could be thanks to debris being flicked into them by passing cars.

It can ruin the integrity of the glass, though, so you’ll want to get it replaced sooner rather than later.

Fogging Between Window Panes

If you’re getting condensation between the panes of glass in your windows, then that can be a sign that the seals have broken. It allows air to condense in between the panes of glass, causing the fogging that you see.

This is a problem, but it doesn’t mean that the whole window will need to come out. The affected portion can be repaired, prolonging the life of your windows.

Drafts And Cold Air

If you’re feeling drafts near your windows, then there will be a crack somewhere around the edges of your windows. You may be able to see this yourself, or you may need to call in window repairs – Brighton based to take a look at it for you.

These cracks may be easily filled up without having to replace the windows, saving you cash and the hassle of having the windows changed.

Hard To Open Windows

You may have windows that are hard to open, or otherwise stubborn. If you’re having these problems, it could be for several different reasons. The tracks may be broken or dirty, the hardware could be faulty, or sashes could have been painted shut.

If it’s a case of dirt, you can clean up the system and try your windows again, as this often can solve the problem. If not, or you’re not sure why they aren’t working, it’s best to call in an expert.

When To Repair And When To Replace

window repairs brightonOf course, you want to save money and take care of the window you already have. In many cases, repairing them may be the best solution. However, it’s worth remembering that your windows are essential to the security and comfort of your home.

If there are multiple issues, then it may be best for you to have them replaced entirely. The best way to know for sure will be to have a window repairs – Brighton based expert come and check them out for you.

If you’re seeking window repairs in the Brighton area, call on us at Brighton Trade Windows. We can repair broken windows and replace them with brand new ones if need be.

5 Reasons To Replace Your Windows Before Christmaswindow replacement Brighton


Christmas is just around the corner, which means you’ve already got the heating on and the fires lit.

But does your house still feel draughty and cold? Check out the windows. Around 30% of your home’s heat is lost through the windows.

If your windows need replacing, then now’s the time to do it before the really cold weather arrives.

Don’t leave it until spring or you’ll be seeing the money you spend on heating over the next few months flowing straight out of the windows.

If you’re still determined to put off the inevitable, here’s 5 good reasons why you’d be better off replacing your windows before Christmas.


1. Save Money

Replacing your old windows with energy efficient double glazed panes can dramatically reduce your utility bills.

And if your pay packet is topped up with a Christmas bonus, you can use the extra money to take the sting out of the initial installation costs.

2. Old Windows Are A Pain

Older, single-paned windows become brittle over time and break more easily.

We all dream of a white Christmas but if the kids are having a snowball fight outside, a mis-aimed throw at the windows could easily crack or shatter fragile panes. Also snow build-up on your outer sills can end up creeping in through cracks and gaps in the framework, leading to mould and mildew problems.

3. Security

Window replacement brighton

Santa isn’t the only one who likes to visit at Christmas. Presents under the tree are a common target for opportunistic thieves at this time of year.

Single-paned windows are easier for intruders to break, and original catches on sash windows are so easy to open, a child could do it.

Double glazed glass is toughened and makes a great crime deterrent. New windows also have the added security feature of built-in multi-locking systems.

4. A Warmer Welcome

If you’re expecting a houseful of guests this year, the best way to give an old and tired looking house a makeover is with new windows. Your home will look beautiful, warm and welcoming.

5. Re-sale Value

Selling your house over the Christmas period has its advantages: there’s less competition on the market and buyers will want to close a deal before the new year. New windows can help increase the re-sale value of your property.

Once you’ve had your windows replaced, you can sit back and enjoy a merry, warm and safe Christmas!


For more information on our window replacement Brighton service, contact Brighton Trade Windows today, or alternatively visit us online for more information.

A conservatory is a wonderful addition to a home. It gives an attractive space unhindered to the beautiful outdoor scenery. When considering conservatories, Brighton Trade Windows offers conservatories that can benefit you in the following three ways:

Design Features


Conservatories BrightonWhen designing conservatories, beauty is first—but never at the expense of structural integrity.

Our joints and bolts are minimized to promote cohesiveness that results in less moving parts. This makes our designs incredibly sturdy.

Colour Options

Colour means creativity. And, there’s no such thing as a conservatory that isn’t creative.

That’s why we offer different colour finishes that can be added to the inside or outside of conservatory faces. Ten different varieties are available. Whether you prefer the classic warm feeling of our golden oak or the more vivacious cherry wood, the choice is completely yours for the picking.

Simple Installation

Simple frameworks provide a firm construction to produce a more open and spacious design. That’s why we choose the single bolt design that is internally fastened within easy reach. No ladder is necessary.

Most other systems depend on a top-fitted conservatory roof system which makes it more difficult to align and requires a slow, laborious effort.

The style of the conservatory windows or doors can be changed with the easy removal of the eaves beam internal cladding. Your options include both the chamfered or contoured ovolo profile.

Unrivalled Strength

Conservatories in Brighton must be able to withstand winter and summer conditions. This is why the cornerstone of our projects is our unrivaled strength. We use aluminum roof top cappings to prevent damage under extreme temperatures.

Summer Advantages

Extreme summer heat can cause warping and distortions. Keeping this in mind, all of our conservatories in Brighton are built to withstand the highest of summer temperatures.

Conservatories BrightonWinter Advantages

Cold winters cause conservatories to split.

In order to combat this, we use high strength rafters that are able to hold a large amount of weight without weakening the structural design.


When building conservatories, Brighton Trade Windows pulls out all the stops. We have 20 fully trained and experienced staff members who know what it takes to get the job done. Our team of fabricators, fitters, and surveyors will take care of any and all of your custom conservatory needs.

If you’re interested in our conservatories Brighton services, contact us today, or to view our full range of home improvement services, visit us online.

Draughty Windows? Don’t DIY

Anyone who lives in Brighton will tell you it’s a great place to live. It’s a beautiful coastal town with a traditional pier and a buzzing, vibrant social scene.

Window Repair BrightonBut Brighton is also known for its windy, damp weather during the winter, and now the nights are drawing in and the days are getting colder, a draughty house can be a real problem. Rattling windows, cold gusts of wind, heat loss and condensation are just a few of the problems you have to face with old, weather-worn windows.

Approximately 30% of a home’s heat is lost through draughty windows, especially sash windows, commonly seen in period properties around Brighton. But many residents prefer to ‘make do and mend’ rather than call in a professional window repair specialist.

Here’s a few examples of DIY attempts to keep the cold and draughts at bay.

Window Repair Brighton

Some of these measures may be effective in the short term, but none of them are a permanent solution. Also consider, you want to keep warm, but you also want an attractive, pleasant environment. Bubble wrap, tape, foam and cotton balls not only look ugly, but they prevent you from opening the windows, rice-filled draught excluders will absorb moisture and turn mouldy after some time and heavy curtains will need to be closed 24/7 to keep out the cold.

Attempting to fix your draughty windows in a bid to save money will end up costing you more money in higher energy bills, not to mention exposing your home as an easy target for burglars.

A professional window repair specialist will not only solve your draught problems but will also be able to make your windows more secure.

For enquiries into our window repair Brighton services, contact Brighton Trade Windows today, or visit us online for more information.

10 Great Reasons to Choose Brighton Trade Windows for Your Aluminium Doors

Brighton Trade Windows is the largest manufacturer of windows, doors, and conservatories in the Brighton area. We’re a family run company that employs over 20 fully trained fabricators, fitting teams, and surveyors. We proudly offer our aluminium doors Brighton service throughout Brighton and Sussex and the surrounding areas. Here are 10 great reasons to use us to purchase your aluminium doors in Brighton:

Numerous Styles and Configurations

We have many different styles and configurations to suit any and all of your door needs.

Aluminium Doors BrightonUnique Design

Our polyamide Euro groove design is unique. It gives you a chance to buy a quality product that not many people have.

Sculptured Detail

Our aluminium doors in Brighton can be designed to create a picture frame view through your door.

Designed to Incorporate

Our aluminium doors in Brighton are designed to incorporate all standard and security hardware.


A full range of restrictors and access control devices are easily accepted.

Upgrades are Available

Our standard door options are easily upgraded.

Aluminium Doors BrightonEnhanced Security

Our aluminium doors in Brighton offer enhanced security with multi point locking systems.

“Secured by Design” Certified

A cloaking feature conceals, locks, and prevents any access to locking points making our aluminium doors in Brighton “Secured by Design” certified.

Numerous Options

Our options include:

Multiple Colour and Finishing Options

Doors are available in single or dual colour options. Polyester coating and anodised finishes are also available.

Brighton Trade Windows has completed over 8,000 installations in Brighton. We can advise you on any and all window, door, and conservatory needs. We’d like to invite you to visit our showroom—which is conveniently located in the Woodingdean Business Park. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM and Saturday from 8AM-11AM, though we are closed on Sundays.

If you’re interested in our aluminium doors Brighton service, contact us today to arrange a call back and/or free quote, or visit us online to view our full range – we’ll gladly help you.

The Truth About Aluminium Windows

 Why is it that many turn their noses up at the idea of aluminium windows? Maybe it’s just that the word ‘aluminium’ doesn’t sound as appealing as heritage oak or timber. However, the truth is that aluminium windows not only look fantastic but also have a range of other benefits over traditional timber frames.

Aluminium Windows BrightonYou before you turn your nose up, here’s a few good reasons why aluminium windows are the perfect choice for your property, and might just make you change your mind.


Let’s start with the look, because that’s what most home owners are concerned about. Many are under the misconception that installing aluminium windows will make their property look like an industrial or commercial building.

The truth is that aluminium windows are available in a range of finishes so you can find exactly the right look for your home. For those who prefer timber, aluminium also comes in a wood-grain finish to replicate the traditional oak look of timber frames.

Aluminium is also a popular choice for state-of-the-art contemporary designed buildings and houses that are a mix of traditional and modern features. Aluminium windows are a stunning feature often used in forward thinking design aesthetics.


Aluminium frames take window design to another level. Their versatility, durability and flexibility means they can be designed to practically any specifications you require.

Low Maintenance

Powder coated finishes give your windows a traditional look without the long standing maintenance issues of timber frames. Anodised frames go a step further in protecting your frames from corrosion. They’ll never rust, they are resistant to extreme weather conditions, they’ll never need repainting and cleaning only involves a quick wipe over with a damp cloth.

Aluminium Windows Brighton

Thermal Performance

It’s not all about aesthetics. You’ll also need to consider the overall thermal performance and energy efficiency of your new windows. Aluminium windows adapt well to varying outside temperatures and have excellent thermal performance, enhanced by double glazing that cuts down on noise pollution and provides a high level of security protection for your home.


Price wise, aluminium windows are very reasonable. They are perfect for the budget conscious buyer who wants quality and durability at an affordable price. Their excellent thermal efficiency will also help reduce your fuel bills, so will also save you money in the long term.

For more information and advice on our range of aluminium windows Brighton, contact Brighton Trade Windows today.

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